Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Service calls

Repairmen sit around the company store until about oh, say, 10:30 every morning before they set out on their service calls. Of course, their company says they will arrive sometime between 8 and 5. Never happened for me. Show up first thing in the morning to do the job? You kiddin' me, bub?

I've taken a day off work to wait for the satellite tv guy and the phone guy, both of whom need to fix damage from yet another line of thunderstorms that struck the house two days ago. It's now 10:30 am, so they're just now getting up from their chairs, taking a last sip of coffee, stubbing out their smokes, and ambling off to the trucks chuckling amiably with their pals. "All those fools have been cooling their heels now, for what, the last few hours, thinking -- hee hee -- that maybe, just maybe, we would show up ON-TIME!? Gawd-damn, but ain't that the stupidest thing you ever did hear?"

On the other hand, chilling for a day at home ain't so bad, either.