Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Because I can

Since blogs are the electronic form of ego, I thought it most appropriate that I post these comments from my two daughters on the occasion of Father's Day. They represent the thoughts of two young, beautiful women who are on the cusp of a new direction in their lives, and are good life markers to remember. Both are from the cards they gave me.

From Corey, who will be marrying Justin this coming October:

Happy Fathers Day, Dad-O! You deserve this day and 100 thousand more for all you've done for me. A girl couldn't ask for a better, more supportive (and, of course, more handsome and cool) father than you. I so appreciate you and all you've done and I'm very happy to have you. In short, you are awesome. I am lucky, and I enjoy living in every moment with you. Thank you for being you.

From Rachel, who will be entering her first year at UVA this fall:

Dear Daddy,
As I've always told you, you're my favorite father! Seriously though, I feels so incredibly lucky to have you. Some of my personality is due to my independent thought, but it is impossible to imagine that I would have been 100% the same person had it not been for you. You've taught me so many things over the past 17 (almost 18) years of my life. I've learned how to think critically, be self-aware, be honest, be curious, and not afraid to think about things that challenge what I believe. I've come to appreciate these things (lessons) even more, two months before I head off to college, because they will be challenged like never before. I really feel confident about the person you've helped shape me to be, even if I have my moments [grin], and I could not be more proud to have you as my father. I love you.

I'm as lucky a father as they come.